Do I have to sign up for the guarantee?

Yes, it is a quick one-time opt-in process. Once you’ve opted in, the SmartHop Stress-Free Guarantee will be included when you book a load with SmartHop. Additionally, to qualify for the guarantee, you must:

  • Arrive on time at your stop

  • Have a P44 connection live for in and out times

  • Contact SmartHop's back office when the issue arises so we can walk you through the process

What are the time requirements?

  • For Detention, the grace period is to exceed 3 hours

  • For Layover, the appointment must be pushed by a minimum of 8 hours, and for each 24-hour delay thereafter

  • For Truck Order Not Used, you must call within 4 hours of the scheduled pick-up time

If I bring in a load, can I still be backed by SH?

Yes, you are able to find and bring in a load, but it has to be booked by SmartHop. If we book it, we’ll back it.

What are the numbers?

  • Detention: $40 initial payout, $200 maximum.

  • Layover: $200 payout

  • Truck order not used: $200 payout

What’s the catch?

There's no catch, just boundaries. Such as: for lumpers, you will still need to invoice the lumper back to the broker and it is your responsibility to collect. SmartHop will then recoup the money on your next billing cycle. Additionally, a TONU payout applies when SmartHop is unable to provide a replacement load for the same or better rate.


We know all the friction that owner-ops and small carriers face, so we decided to help alleviate some of that pain and frustration with the SmartHop Stress-Free Guarantee. With this guarantee, SmartHop will front you the money you need when a situation arises to later be paid back by your broker or on your next billing cycle.

Book your load through us, and we’ll put the power of our partnerships and support team behind your trip so that it’s smooth and “stress-free.”

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